Gluten Free Muffins

Would you like them pre-prepared, or would you rather make them on your own? We’ve included links to both! Browse the selection below to find gluten free muffin brands, as well as muffin mixes to make them fresh in your own kitchen. Most of these brands carry multiple flavors like Lemon, Chocolate, Cinnamin Raison, Blueberry, Corn, etc. So feel free to browse their “Shop” sites to explore their full range before making your decision.

Know of a muffin or mix that should be added to this list? Submit it here.

* Help us, help you. In order to support the ongoing research and development needed to keep these lists accurate and up-to-date, we have entered into affiliate relationships with some of the suppliers of these brands. Purchasing your products through our links allows you to support us in return, at no extra cost to you. (In fact, you may be able to use our discount codes to save money on your orders!)

Mighty Muffin


Mikey's Muffins

Foods By George

Flax 4 Life



King Arthur (Mix)

Namaste Foods (Mix)

gfJules (Mix)

Authentic Foods (Mix)

Krusteaz (Mix)

Think.Eat.Live. (Mix)