Gluten Free Wraps + Tortillas

You know what? Gluten free alternatives to wraps and tortillas are generally very expensive! It’s a pricey substitute category. Here’s our best tip. If it is tortillas you are trying to substitute (for tacos, quesadillas, etc.) look up your local Mexican foods store. They are usually small and almost always produce classic corn tortillas. You will also probably get a TON of them for CHEAP. (Seriously, we have a hard time finishing them before they go stale.) If it is sandwich wraps you are looking to substitute, you may be destined to spend a bit of cash on one of the following options, most of which are dairy free too.

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Three Ladies

Rose Rice Paper Spring Rolls Gluten Free Wrap Alternative


The Pure Wraps

Julian Bakery


Mikey's Muffins

Nu Coconut

Food For Life

Wrawp Gluten Free Wrap Alternative

Raw Wraps